Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(Q1) Speed measureing devices cannot operate properly if outside temperature is below 0C. FALSE!
(A1) According to manufacturer specifications speed measureing devices are certified to work properly to temperatures up to -30C. Beside that, some LIDAR devices have special heating aparatus that keeps temperature of LIDAR at 7C, regardles of outside temperature.

(Q2) LIDAR cannot measure speed of a single vehicle in a column of vehicles.FALSE!
(A2)LIDAR guns have a sighting that allows them to pinpoint a single vehicle.

(Q3) A CD hanging behind windshield will interfere with LIDAR gun. FALSE!
(A3) Laser beam reflects from all parts of vehicle ecpecially from head lights anc chrome plated parts, so a CD will only increase reflectivity of a vehicle.

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(Q4) Nokia cellphones have a radar detector inbuilt. FALSE!
(A4) The difference between techologies of cellphones and radars is so great that this statement can only be called plain stupid! No cellphone exists that can be used as radar detector.

(Q5) If I brake hard as I enter radar beam of Multanova 6F, it won't be able to mesure my speed. PARTIALLY CORRECT!
(A5) Multanova 6F makes a speed reading as you enter the radar beam, and then another one as you exit. If there is too big difference between these two readings it will discard the reading as false. Chance to achieve that is 1 in 10, but what happens if the vehicle behind you doen't manage to slow down in time?

(Q6) Radar detector will save me from LIDAR! PARTIALLY CORRECT!
(A6) LIDAR needs approx. 0,5 s to make a speed reading (in ideal conditions). In real life this time is 1-2 seconds, so radar detector can give you additional second or two. Considering that human reaction time is 1 second, this just isn't enough time to slow down to PSL.

(Q7) I got pulled ower for speeding, and was shown measured speed on a LaserPatrol/TraffiPatrol LIDAR device, but I know that wasn't my speed. Is that possible?
(A7) It is possible! For a speed reading to be valid, there must be distance in meters written on lower screen, speed reading on upper screen, and LED next to "MEAS" must be on.
In case that LED next to "LIMIT" is on and police officer claims that it's your speed written on upper screen, you can change the speed written on upper screen using keys "+" and "-", in other words he's trying to scam you, so ask him to show you the distance at which that speed was taken.

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(Q8) I was pulled over by a police officer claiming that I have a laser jammer on my vehicle. I actually do have it, but manufacturer of my laser jammer claims that it is impossible for a police officer to detect it. What happened and what can I do about it?
(A8) This scenario cannot happen to users of Laser Interceptor, but can happen if you use some other jammer.
Most LIDAR guns have implemented jamming detection algo. One of them is Traffi/LaserPatrol and when it detects jamming it shows error E14 JAMMED.

(Q9) Where can I find all about LIDAR's in one file?
(A9) You can find it in this PDF file!