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1) Hungary

Radars: Ka Narrow band (34.3GHz), K band (24.125GHz), Ku band (13.450GHz).
Lidars: ProLaserII, ProLaserIII.


RD and laser jammers are legal.


NJL - SCS-102, Stationary LIDAR based speed trap!

RD and laser jammers are legal.

2) Greece

Radars:K band (24.125GHz), Ku band (13.450GHz). X band (10.500)
Lidars: ProLaserII,Traffic Patrol,Ultralyte LR.
Fixed speed trap,Gatso ,Traffipax Speedophot K band(24.125GHZ)

Radar Detectors legal, laser jammers ilegal.

3) England

Ku-band 13.45
K-band 24.150

4) Austria

K-band 24.125
X-band 9.9
Ka-band 34.36

5) Belgium

X-band 9.41
X-band 10.525
K-band 24.125
Ka-band 34.36

6) Bulgária

X-band 10.525

7) Czech Republic

Ramer-7, AD9 (Czech products)
Ka-band: 34.00GHz and 34.30GHz

Pro LaserIII with an Olympus camera ( http://www.lavet.cz/xindex.php?rub=3&sub=0 )
Unicam Lidar3 (camera + Lidar component which is believed to be the Laserpatrol/Traffipartol/Star laser)
also approved are LTI 20-20 UltraLyte

Automatic stationary vascar (white lines across the road, cameras above each lane @ start and finish)
Vascar built in cars - Gesig, using a calibrated speedometer, not GPS (www.minispeed2000.at)
Induction loops (speed, red light)
Piezo senzors (speed)

Radar Detectors legal, laser jammers illegal.

8 ) Denmark

K-band 24.125

9) France

X-band 9.9
X-band 10.6
K-band 24.125

Radar Detectors are illegal.

10) Greece

Ku-band 13.45
K-band 24.125
Ka-band 34.36

11) Holland

Radar: Gatso 24.125, Multanova 6F 34.36, MultaRadar C 24.100 ghz. Gatso 24,125 fixed pols, build in cars (static), trashbins.
Gatso induction loops in the road, mostly for red light and speed at intersections.
Multanova 6F on only highways (34.3)
In some places a Mesta 206 24,125 (France product)
Laser: Jenoptik LaserPatrol, ProLaserIII and LTI LR100.
Optics: Optospeed.

12) Latvia

Simicon ISKRA 1D K 24.15 Puls (300ms; 200ms; 60ms)
Stalker ATR and DUAL Ka 34,7
Decatur Genesis G2S Ka 35.5
Radar detectors are illegal to use but RDDs are not in use, and generally speaking the rule is not enforced unless RD is in plain view

13) Germany

K-band 24.125
Ka-band 34.36

14) Norway

X-band 10.525
K-band 24.15

15) Italy

X-band 10.525
K-band 24.15
Ka-band 34.36

16) Romania

only K band 24.15

radar types

MPH Python 2 - many radars
5 Traffipax Speedophot in K band
4 Gatso in K band
7 Gatso Induction loop

17) Spain

K-band 24.15 (Radarlux TempocamII)
Ka-band 34.36 (Multanova-6F, Cirano500)
Ka-band 35,50 (RAI2002)
LTI 20-20 Marksman (Poltech Lasercam NT)
LTI 20-20 Ultralyte (Micro Digi-cam)
Autovelox 105SE
Induction loop (Traffipax, Speedcurb, Gatso Type-36)

18) Switzerland

K-band 24.15
Ka-band 34.36

19) Sweden

K-band 24.15
Ka-band 34.36

20) Slovakia

Ramer-7, AD9 (made in the Czech rep.)
Ka-band: 34.00GHz and 34.30GHz
Usually built in cars, mainly Skoda Fabia, Skoda Felicia, VW Passat, VW Golf, Audi S4 - used either as stationary or mobile. Tripods are rarely used.

+ LTI 20-20 Micro Digi-Cam

As radars used by the police have a very low output power they are only reliably detectable by:
- Beltronics 945, 965, 995, 975 - ONLY with special firmware (Ka narrow)
- Target 550, Bel RX65Euro(with 34.0GHz narrow frequency)
- Valentine one set to Euro mode
- STi-R looks promising too

Lidar: approved devices:
Lavet (=PLIII with an Omympus camera), FamaLaserIII (PLIII with a video camera), LTI 20-20 UltraLyte Compact MicroDigicam, Riegl FG21-P with a camera

Fixed speed traps fitted with Ramer-7 or AD9 radars, 34.00GHz. One is on the 108km of the D1 highway ( www.highways.sk/indexE.html )
Automatic stationary vascar - white lines across the road, cameras above each lane @ start and finish (planned & approved for use, currently installed when entering Bratilava from the D2 highway)

Also RD and LJ are banned as of Feb 1st 2009

There are few additional changes e.g. - 50km/h in villages/towns, winter tires, 24/7 lights, max fine 1300eur; 650eur on the spot..

Also police is starting getting lasers LTI 20-2


21) Serbia

Kustom Pro II
Kustom Pro III

NO KU BAND in serbia

Ka Multanova in Belgrade and around..

On each higway paytoll Belgrade-Nis is Kustom Pro III but behind the paytoll

22) Slovenia

- Ka 34.36 GHz (Multanova 6F)
- Ka 34.0, 34.3 GHz (Ramet AD9)
- K 24.125 (Gatso Radar 24)
- Ka 24.125 GHz (Gatso-Multanova-Ramet fleet. C)

- Riegl LR90/235
- Robot Traffipatrol
- Robot Traffipatrol-V (stationary photo speedtrap)
- LTI Ultralyte Compact guns.

- Provida 2000 equipped cars (keep your eyes OPEN, detector will not go off)
- Multaradar C to the Gatso-Multanova-Ramet fleet.

23) Poland

I saw in Elblaw also Gatso fixed 24 Ghz poles, also some local type of fixed camera's based on a 24 Ghz source elsewhere, like on the road from Katowice to Wisla, this system is also on a tripod.

Ka-band 34.00 & 34.30GHz
Photo Radars: Multanova (Ka 34,360 GHz)
Ramet AD9 T (tripod), AD9 C (built-in a civil cars) (34,000 GHz)
Ramet 7, 7M (don't know if they're still on duty) (34,300 GHz)

K-band 24.125
Photo Radars: Fotorapid/Fotorapid C (C for colour pictures), Fotorapid CM (quite easy to detect for almost every RD), Gatso, Kriss-P (probably soon - K pulsed 24,150 GHz - same hard to detect pulse idea as Iskra)
Instant On: Iskra-1, Iskra-M, etc. (K Pulse 24,150, 56ms bursts - hard to detect for non european versions of Bels and Escorts), Rapid 2-Ka (works on K)

X-band 10.525
Instant On: Rapid (old but many still in use), K-15

Ultralite LTI 20.20 100PPS
LTI TruCam
Traffipatrol XR (soon)
Laser Rapid (our polish prototype - retail version probably soon)

VideoRecorders in civil cars owned by police (not detectable)

Red Light Cams (Traffipax - don't know band)
VASCAR - not yet

Use of radardetectors is illegal.

24) Finland

Radars in Police patrol cars
Stalker Dual 34,7 GHz

local police has some old
Kustom HR-12 in 24,150 GHz still in use

Vehicle (non-marked vans) installed stationary radars
Multanova 6F 34.36 GHz AND Multaradar C 24.100 GHz
(also seen on tripods)

Laser is very seldom used - mainly in capital city area (Helsinki)
ProLaser II

25) Estonia

ka band
stalker radar gun. And spectre too.


26) Montenegro

Multanova 6F Ka
LTI Ultralyte
X band instant ON !

27) Macedonia

K band (Kustom)
X band (Komar)
Traffipatrol Laser

28) Bosnia and Herzegovina

X band KOMAR instant on
K band Falcon instant on
X band constant

Provida + Stalker Ka in cars.. (VW Golf IV blue and red and Opel Astra White) total of 8 cars.. (black VW Golf in Sarajevo is RIP)

Traffipatrol x 20
Riegl FG x 18
Kustom Pro II x 4
Traffipax TraffiPatrol XR
Laser Atlanta Speedlaser S

New LIDAR: TruSpeed

New lidar was spoted around Sarajevo and LI JTG it.

Lokacije fiksnih photo radar-a (inductive, and K band):

Stupska petlja pravac prema Ilidži
Dobrinja raskrsnica iza Imzit pumpe prema Lukavici
Pofalici kod ekonomske skole
Stari Grad raskrsnica iza vjecne vatre upravcu Marin Dvora
Kasarna Marsal Tito raskrsnica na ulazu u kasarnu prema Ilidži
Binježevo oba pravca
Autoput oba pravca i to od naplatnih kucica neka 2-3 kilometra

Brnjaci na magistralnom putu Kiseljak Sarajevo

Gradska obilaznica od HIT-a prema čekrku 3x stacinirana sistema
Raskrsnica kod zgrade mostarke

Cesta prema Izačiću kod OMV pumpe

Semafor na splitskoj obilaznici

Na magistralnom putu u mjestu vitina

Kalibunar,semafor na magistrali kod INA pumpe

Raskrnica za skretanje u grad Vitez sa magistrale na semaforu

Vrace na M17

M17 kod zovko pumpe

M17 na ulazu u Maglaj, semafor
Mjesto Šije na M17 kad se ide od Maglaja prema Doboju (u neposrednoj blizini alfa servis)

Magistrala kod KPZ Orašje

Raskrsnica kod Doma penzinera na obilaznici

Prvi semafor na ulazu u Goražde iz pravca Ustiprače

29) Albania

Traffipatrol (Laser Jenoptik clone)
Laserpatrol (Laser Jenoptik clone)
Falcon (instant on K)

30) Croatia

Multanova Ka - Photo
Gatso K - Photo
Falcon K - Handheld instant on
Komar X
Marksman LTI 20.20
Multanova StarLaser
Robot Traffipatrol
NEW! FamaShot III, based on Kustom - ProLaser III

2 of 10 new Travimos are RIP
There is still 4 old FORD ESCORD Travimos (red color)

10 new cars: BMW Series 3, Mercedes C Class
2 new cars: Skoda Superb

New way of targeting speeders with LIDAR, from behind!
VASCARs in Croatia: http://speed.g-zona.hr/Presretaci.htm

Use of radar detectors or laser jammers is illegal since June 1. 2008.
The fine is 2000kn (280 Euro).

31) Cyprus

CYPRUS police:
Mobile Laser: LTI 20-20 UltraLyte 100
Mobile Radar: Multaradar C(works on K band 24.100Ghz)
Fixed Cameras: Robot Traffiphot S on motorways and Traffiphot III SR at road junctions

SBA police(Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus):
Mobile Radar: Patrol Vehicle with VASCAR(using very rarely now)

32) Ireland

K-band 24.150

LTI Marksman
LTI Ultralyte (Usually 100LR), 100pps and 125 pps
Ultralyte 1000

Fixed Cameras:
17 GATSO's (only 3 of which have film)

GATSOMETER Mobile Vans (Ford Transit late 90's / early 00's - D - xxxxx reg plate) in operation (K-Band)

Update for MultaRadar C (24.100) - 8 Van's now in Operation:
MultaRadar Vans are 2008 Ford Transits with the following Registration plate:


33) Belarus

K-band 24.15
ISKRA 1 (+Kadr)

X-band 10.525 Pulsed
Sokol M-S, M-D